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    To insert your b&b in the group fill out the form with your data. In order to support the advertising channels, the network press launches, partnerships and programs for the activities on social, we must provide a registration fee for all participating. The converted amount will be invested for the purposes listed above.

    Choose the desired type of registration:

  • STANDARD: € 39,00
  • It will give the inclusion in the network with mapping of the structure - the participation in all promotional activities, 15% discount for services of the team and post on Instagram and Facebook page;

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    Once you submitted your request you will receive your username and password and the that will be used to access on your personal page. There will be sent also signs for the payment of the registration fee, and all informations necessary regarding the community. The inclusion in the map and visibility into the database for clients will be valid only after the payment.

    The staff of Italian B&B will evaluate if the b&b meets the standards of the community. In any case, the b&b must have a website or be present in the web with Facebook or Instagram page. The hosts must provide Italian B&B to a copy or municipal Suap exercise activity. Also you must to register on this website any external guest, to create a virtuous circle of potential guests for all b&b. By smartphone and ipad we recommend to see your personale page, after login, in horizontal view.

    For Guests

    Italian B&B is a group hosts with which you can interact directly, without agencies or online booking portals.

    The hosts of the b&b gather in a community of small companies , and open the doors of historic buildings, villas, holiday homes, resorts, city apartments for promote their territory and offer their hospitality directly.

    A selection that crosses most beautiful villages in Italy, beautiful sea, hills dream, art towns and cities. A friendly welcome but professional and careful. A journey to remember not only made up of places, but also of people.

    For Structures

    For partner b&b we provide our experience in advertising and promotional material on the web (primarily on Instagram and Facebook), a high visibility to a national and international guests and the following services:

  • Photographic Professional Services of Interior and Exterior
  • Creation / Makeover / Indexing WebSites
  • Prints, Paper Material, Typography, Signs, Gadgets, Logos
  • Ideation, production and assembly of Spot Video
  • Communication Plans, Creating Mailing Media and Press Releases
  • Design and management of social media marketing campaigns (Instagram, Facebook, Google+) - Social Profile Management
  • Booking Engine and Channel Manager
  • Courtesy Line Bathroom

  • Improve one or all of these aspects makes a higher visibility and greater potential for own bed and breakfast. More partner b&b show professional and careful attention to details, and more greater the percentage of attracting new guests. You can contact our professional team after registration, with payment, on Italian B&B (more details in the Team and Services sections).

    Prospects and Future

    We will be present at the following international events:

  • Liberamente in Ferrara, in Emilia-Romagna, from February 25 to 26, 2017
  • Children’s Tours in Modena, in Emilia Romagna, from March 17 to 19, 2017
  • Tempo Libero in Bolzano, in Trentino Alto Adige, from April 28 to May 1, 2017

  • It will allow us to present, explain and promote our hosts group structures to other countries, increasing its appeal and international interest, as well that the national one. We will insert here, whenever, new events in which we will participate.

    Stay Tuned !


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    15% discount on all activities of our team to improve and make more attractive your activity. Italian B&B

    1) Professional Photos
    2) Web Site Creation
    3) Graphic and Typographic Material
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    - 2016, November 17 -

    We have partnered with Vivo Italia, one of the biggest italian community on Instagram made up about 300,000 people.
    This will enable us, in the short to medium term, to have a large number of registered people on Italian b&b and to ensure more bookings/requests to the associated hosts. Also with Vivo Italia will organize, in the future, many gatherings and many initiatives on a provincial/regional/national basis.

    Open Website

    - 2016, November 16 -

    For all who require a 15% discount voucher will be available on the first order placed. You can ask for the discount to: info@bebshop.it identifying the origin of Italian B&B, Mr. Michele Modafferi. B&B shop offers various items for bed and breakfast: from breakfast to equipment, from the courtesy lines to cleaners etc etc.

    Open Website

    - 2016, November 10 -

    We have partnered with the Society of Promotion and Services for tourism CTL(Compagnia del Tempo Libero). The company promotes the territory of Sardinia, and in particular the Costa Rei, through participation in trade fairs in Italy and Europe, as well as represent structures ranging from bed and breakfasts to luxurious hotels. This partnership will help us to value Italian b&b and let us know better in all Sardinia.

    Open Website

    - 2016, October 18 -

    We are in talks with the fantastic historic car rental Driving Vintage, which will allow all our members renting a Beetle, a Triumph Spitfire, a Fiat 124 Spider America or an Alfa Romeo Duetto at discounted prices in order to appreciate the wonderful Piedmontese Langhe, a few years become a World Heritage Site.

    Open Website